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Frequently Asked Questions

General -

What are the service categories?

Automotive vehicles, marine vessels, and residences.

Do you provide service to my area?

Our mobile team is ready to visit your home or office within:
Irvine, Anaheim, Buena Park, Newport Beach, Newport Peninsula, Newport Coast, Lido Island, Balboa Island, Harbor Island, Corona Del Mar, Spy Glass, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Dana Point, Emerald Bay, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Orange, Ladera Ranch, Trabuco Canyon, Santa Ana, Anaheim Hills, Seal Beach

Are you licenses and Insured?

We are licensed and carry $1,000,000 business liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, credit cards, and checks.

Auto -

What is included in mini detail?

A step above, our gloss guard Mini Detail service includes all the features of the Express Detail in terms of interior cleaning, (I.E. wipedown and vacuum) and window treatment (streak and spot free). Additionally, the exterior receives a carnauba wax finish that is hand applied and buffed, or a highly praised ceramic coating spray to ensure protectant longevity of the surface color to really enhance the glossiness of your vehicle.

What is included in complete detail?

Recommended every few months, the Complete Detail restores your vehicle’s shiny appearance and adds protection for the season ahead. This package is a combination of our full Interior Detail Service and full Exterior Detail Service at a reduced rate. This option is recommended for the car lover who is consistent in maintaining their vehicle and just needs that extra sparkle to really enhance the finish.

What is included in an interior detail?

As a prelude to our thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s interior, your car will receive an exterior wash and window cleaning as well as streak and spot free drying. Once prepped, we perform an initial wipedown and vacuum for contaminants, before taking care of the fabrics. All fabrics from the floor to seats, will be thoroughly shampooed, rinsed, and our heavy-duty carpet extractor is sure to take out any stubborn grunge with the power of high pressure steam and intense vacuuming. In the case of leather, there is a thorough steam refreshment utilizing a separate steam only cleaner. This is followed by the application of a new car smelling leather conditioner.

What is included in an exterior detail?

We begin by performing an interior cleaning, including wipedown and thorough vacuuming. The exterior will receive a gentle yet comprehensive bath, followed by a thorough clay bar scrubbing of the entire paint surface, in order to effectively remove grime build up between details, or in some cases recently incurred water-spotting. Next, we apply one or multi-stage wax depending on the specific vehicle’s manufacturer paint. A thorough wheel and caliber cleaning with tire shine makes the rims look on point, while streak and spot free windows result in clear views from the inside.

What is included in weekly service package?

An Express Detail every week or every two weeks.

Home -

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We recommended that windows be cleaned no less than twice a year. This will remove oxidation, mineral deposits, dirt, insects and other unsightly material. If you are seeking the ultimate protection for your glass surfaces, we offer special ceramic coatings.

Do you wear show covers when entering my home?

We always wear shoe covers when inside homes that are carpeted or have hard floors.

Can you move objects before windows cleaning?

If objects or furniture are easy to relocate, and there is no risk of potential damage, we are happy to move them and place them back. If there are numerous small objects in front of windows, it would be most helpful and efficient for you to move them before our arrival.

Why are my double-panned windows foggy?

Fog is a common problem in double-paned thermal windows, due to gas leaking in and moisture leaking out. Unfortunately, the best remedy for this problem is usually to replace the windows, ideally under a warranty from the manufacturer or installing contractor. However, before taking any costly steps, contact us to request a free consultation to determine if professional window cleaning is the solution instead.

Do you provide window cleaning for new construction?

Yes, depending on the condition of the windows. Please request a free consultation for custom pricing.

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